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I've Built and Maintained a Lot of Websites

Over the years I've done a lot of website design and graphics.
Efficient, professional self-employed in Bellingham, WA, since 1988.
Listed are a few that I created and still maintain.

Fairbanks Art and Books, books about the artist Avard T. Fairbanks. Currently available are six illustrated books compiled and written by his son, Eugene F. Fairbanks.

Linda Lighton Ceramic Sculpture, Linda's work explores various microcosms and the details within. Porcelain sculptures evolve from ideas of growth and transition, from a feminine point of view.

Native Alaskan author Phyllis Fast books and art are showcased on this website. She has written 2 illustrated children's books, and two novels. I also produced all her books.

Chocolate Yoga, a new book by Margaret Chester. Are you stressed, tired, unhappy and feeling out of control? Chocolate Yoga is a system of yoga techniques that anyone can do to address stress and weight management and will ultimately nurture your body, mind and spirit. If you can breathe you can do this yoga.

Haunted Fairhaven. The Busy Lives of the Active Dead in the Historic Fairhaven District, Bellingham, Washington.
Full body apparitions, orbs, whisps and shadow people, are just a few of the lesser-known Fairhaven residents that haunt the 100-year-old brick buildings of the historic district.

A Directory of Bellingham Psychics and Paranormal Investigators. Need a bit of help with your spirits?

Michael Ireland, Artist (1953-2000) was a painter and printmaker, working in oils, watercolor, pastels, and all types of printmaking methods. Art work is now available for purchase.

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Milton Lee Pritchard Snyder, Ph.D. has written four books. I was in charge of the production of three of them. They are emblematic of a life involved in the supervision of schools in the U.S.

Crossing The Void, My Aphasic Stroke, by Carol Schultz. After an aphasic stroke, Carol Schultz taught herself to speak again. This fascinating book tells the inner story of her experience. Visit website to purchase.

Author Gene Bradbury books are showcased on this website. He has written illustrated children's books, middle grade books, and his poetry and short stories are wonderful. I also produced all his books.

Fairhaven Gold A Gem of a Jewelry Store in Old Fairhaven

Electrical Safety Consultants International. ESCI provides a full range of safety, training, and wellness services to the electric utility industry.

Gift Enclosure Cards (wholesale) are based on artist Janice Coffey's original hand painted and stitched cotton and silk fabric images.

Village Family Health, Walk-in Clinic in Fairhaven, WA.

Kelli Reilly, LMP, CHP (Certified Hellerwork Practitioner) Beyond Massage... Health Through Hellerwork Structural Integration.

Lauren Davies, M.Ed., Licensed Mental Health Counselor, State of Washington. Private Practice since 1996.

Jan Burbank, Licensed Massage Practitioner, has more than 24 years experience as a Physical Therapy Assistant and has been a LMP since 1990.

Prepress and Graphic Services : :   Books   |   Marketing Materials   |   Catalogs/Magazines   |   Newspapers
Other skills : :  Web Design, Build, Maintain   |   Bronze   |   Design   |   Oil Painting   : :   Home

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